August 17, 2017


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Do Not Underestimate Your Value to Customers, and Other Advice for Shops

August 01, 2017

One of the opportunities available through the National Tooling and Machining Association(NTMA) is the chance to attend its annual Sales and Marketing Conference. Exactly as the name states, this event focuses on two vital areas in which independent machine shops routinely struggle.

The conference this year was in Pittsburgh. I attended part of it and moderated one of the sessions. If they’ll have me, I aim to attend again next year. This was a terrific event that encouraged active participation among manufacturing leaders around difficult business-related questions.

Attendees heard from speakers on topics including strategy, diversification and various end markets. Rather than summarizing the conference (not sure I could do so if I tried), let me share just a few of the points that struck me at the event and remained with me after it was over.

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