December 16, 2017


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Automation World: Industrial Cybersecurity Predictions

December 05, 2017

Disclosing a Critical Infrastructure Cyber Attack Will Be Mandatory
Habibi notes that the lack of a mandate to disclose attacks on corporations “continues to hinder accurate intelligence gathering and the development of targeted defensive strategies against an evolving threat landscape.” He expects the U.S. will follow the European Union’s lead, and that Congress will begin to hold hearings that include mandating disclosures of cyber attacks within certain critical infrastructure industries.

Nation-State Cyber Alliances Will Become the New Norm

As an added step beyond new governmental requirements, such as the mandatory disclosure example listed above, Habibi thinks countries will begin discussing the creation of cybersecurity alliances. “Establishing these alliances will provide mutual defense for all countries involved and will allow for the sharing of intelligence in the face of attributed nation-state attacks, not to mention agreements to not attack each other,” he said. Habibi added that the idea of cyber-physical non-proliferation treaties will begin gaining traction. He said that such treaties will “likely forgo any promise of governmental investigation when non-critical infrastructure companies or individuals are the target of cyberattacks.”

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