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Axios: Solar trade battles escalate with new coalition arrival

PMA and NTMA mentioned in Axios article.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Launching today: The Energy Trade Action Coalition is a broad industry group that says it will fight against the petition from two solar panel manufacturers for steep duties on imported solar components and solar "protectionism" more broadly.


The group encompasses trade associations, individual companies, and groups that span "utilities, co-ops, manufacturers, supply chain suppliers, solar companies/developers, retailers, local union workers, small businesses, venture capital groups and conservative free-trade advocates," an announcement states.

Why it matters: It's an escalation of the fight over whether the Trump administration should impose new solar trade restrictions.


In April the bankrupt manufacturer Suniva, later joined by SolarWorld, petitioned the U.S. International Trade Commission for new tariffs on cells and for a price floor on modules, arguing cheap foreign imports are throttling the domestic panel industry.


But the wider solar industry, via the Solar Energy Industries Association, and other critics say granting that petition would wreak havoc on the economics of U.S. solar projects by basically doubling the cost of key components, greatly slowing the addition of new installations.

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