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Thomasnet: Skills Gap Isn't the Only Workforce Challenge

September 27, 2018



In recent years, there's been much talk about the “skills gap” facing the manufacturing world. The problem is, this is only partially true. Yes, there’s a deficit in our skilled trades pipeline, and we as employers, educators, and communities need to rally around the value of skilled trades, supporting the growth of this critical workforce — starting in junior high, if not earlier. But there’s another issue at play for mid-market manufacturing: the strategic gap.

Historically, manufacturing hasn’t had to look far for employees. There was always a good pool of skilled labor, at a reasonable price, and they came to companies with minimal effort. The challenge today is that the environment has changed. Unemployment is low, so it’s now an employee — not an employer — market. This means that the up-and-coming workforce has more power, more options, more choices, and can make more demands on employers.

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