August 9, 2020

Take Action: Tell Congress that Tariffs Hurt Manufacturing


Take Action: Tell Congress that Tariffs Hurt Manufacturing

On March 8, 2018, the federal government formally began the process to impose 25% tariffs on imported steel and 10% on aluminum from all countries except Canada and Mexico. By early next week, officials are expected to disclose an “exclusion process” that some countries may use to exempt certain products. This comes ahead of the tariffs taking effect at 12:01 AM EDT on March 23, 2018. 


This action by the federal government places a 25% tariff on flat, long, semi-finished, pipe and tube, and stainless steel; and a 10% tariff on articles of aluminum, including: plate; sheet, strip, and foil (flat-rolled products); wire; bars, rods and profiles; tubes and pipes; tube and pipe fittings; castings and forgings.


Some manufacturers have already received price increases effective immediately from steel/aluminum suppliers that are not waiting for the tariffs to officially take effect. The U.S. lost 200,000 American jobs directly due to the 201 Steel Tariffs imposed in 2002 by President George. W. Bush and a recent study showed an expected 146,000 net jobs lost due to the tariffs. 


Virtually the entire manufacturing sector opposes these tariffs, including the Aluminum Association who believes they are too broad. We need to get the message past certain government employees pushing for these misguided tariffs and let our elected officials know how these tariffs affect our businesses. They need to know that #tariffsaretaxes. 


Contact your members of Congress TODAY by clicking here  and ask that they urge the President to lift these tariffs as soon as possible and make sure that U.S. manufacturers still have access to globally priced raw materials in a timely manner so they can remain competitive and add jobs.