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February 15, 2017
Mass Live: David M. Cruise: Regional Employment Board of Hampden County is "partnering for solutions"

Talent attraction, development and retention is today's economic imperative.

It is the bridge that connects the innovation "push" coming from our research labs and private and public universities across the commonwealth with the technology "pull' coming from our technology centric...

February 15, 2017
Mass Live: Sen. Eric Lesser: High-tech manufacturing experiencing renaissance in Western Mass.

There are many reasons for optimism about our region's economy. Springfield's skyline is dotted with cranes, and the next two years will see Union Station, the CRRC rail-car plant and the MGM Springfield casino open and come to life. Together, these developments represent billions of dollars in...

January 29, 2017
Meadville Tribune: Tooling, machining companies shine spotlight on workers
The Blue Collar Bash was a night of celebration for the area’s tooling and machining companies and their number one asset — the people working in the industry.
Saturday’s 11th annual event was sponsored by the northwestern Pennsylvania chapter of the National...
January 27, 2017
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Stakes are high for Wisconsin in NAFTA debate
Businesses, farmers and organized labor advocates in Wisconsin are closely monitoring President Donald Trump's comments about renegotiating the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement and other aspects about trade relations with Mexico.
In pressing his...
January 26, 2017
Cleveland.com: Beaumont School girls, members of strong robotics team, heading for Los Angeles
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- "It's fun, all the sparks, trophies and fighting," Beaumont School senior Margaret Schiffer said while considering, not the latest hit action adventure movie or a night at a mixed martial arts competition, but about something much closer to her heart.
January 20, 2017
KMOV: We continue to expect manufacturing growth to accelerate in the coming two years but achieve only a modest pace. We forecast growth of 1.6% in 2017 and 2.5% in 2018.
ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- There will soon be more manufacturing jobs available than skilled workers to fill them, according to leaders with the National Tooling and Machining Association.
After News 4 reported on the worker shortage, companies and city leaders...
January 19, 2017
KMOV: St. Louis manufacturers address worker shortage
NORTH ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) - Many manufacturing businesses in north St. Louis are up and running long before most of the city wakes up.
Mark Bockerstett arrives at Modern Screw Products Co. Inc. in the wee hours to open up the shop for the day.
January 16, 2017
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis area factories say they have plenty of work, but not enough skilled workers
Tim Laciny pointed at a couple of idle machines on the big shop floor at Laciny Brothers in University City.
“I have work and machines — and nobody to run them,” Laciny said. “Probably my biggest problem is finding machinists.”
January 14, 2017
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Recession, smession? Signs point toward continued, but slowing, economic growth in Ohio as White House changes hands
Courtney Wagner likes what she sees at her family-owned machine and tool shop off Wooster Road West in Norton.
Business is good and they are investing in new equipment, she said. She’s president of Wagner Machine Inc., the third generation member of her family...
January 08, 2017
Crain’s Cleveland Business: Will Trump's policies help manufacturing gears turn?
One of the most significant players in manufacturing this year isn't actually in the industry: He'll be in the White House.
Manufacturers are waiting to see what impact President-elect Donald Trump will have on their businesses. Particular factors to watch include...