May 25, 2018


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Members of Congress Scorecard

One Voice and its members need to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions (or inactions). In this political environment, simply looking at how a member votes does not provide a voter enough information about whether their members of Congress are supporters of manufacturing in America. Therefore, One Voice has developed a Members of Congress Scorecard which takes into accounts not only votes but whether a Senator or Representative has Co-Sponsored a bill showing their formal support for an issue which many not receive a full vote in the House or Senate. See how members of Congress voted and their level of support for small and medium-sized manufacturers with the below Scorecards. 

To view the U.S. Senate Scorecard click here.

To view the U.S. House of Representatives Scorecard click here.


Plant Tours and Member Visits

One Voice encourages its members to invite members of Congress, candidates and other government officials to their manufacturing plants to learn more about the industry, the business, and meet your employees. One Voice regularly helps arrange plant tours, CEO roundtables, town halls and other events for manufacturers to connect with their government. Please click here for more information on how to request your Senator or Representative attend an event or visit your facility and contact One Voice for help on submitting your request.

For more background information to prepare for a visit click here.

One Voice How-To Guide for Plant Tours



Below are additional resources to help One Voice members and small medium-sized manufacturers to access government and other information.

Help With Regulations

One Voice Helping You Find New Business Opportunities

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Click here for more information on NTMA's Purchasing Fair.

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