August 7, 2020


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Trade Enhancement and Enforcement

Message to Congress - Support manufacturing in America through increased trade enforcement such as opposing illegal currency manipulation.

Congress should work with the Administration to enforce existing trade laws and provide U.S. businesses with tools to defend themselves against the effects of currency misalignment and other trade inequalities.

Current statistics show, 58% of One Voice members export, and trade offers numerous opportunities for American businesses when balanced with strong enforcement both inside our borders and abroad. Tariff and non-tariff barriers target American manufacturers, making it more difficult for small businesses in particular to navigate the hurdles put in place by our trading partners. This, combined with illegal subsidies and the rise of State Owned Enterprises (SOE), makes it difficult for Americans to globally compete. Our nation has lost more than 3 million manufacturing jobs since 2000 and a quarter million jobs have been lost on account of Chinese counterfeit products alone. 

In addition, countries continue to manipulate their currency to the detriment of American manufacturers. For example, currency manipulation gives China and other countries a competitive advantage when exporting manufactured goods to the U. S. and limits our ability to export.

Any fundamentally misaligned currency is an illegal trade subsidy and should be considered as such under U.S. laws.  Small and medium-sized manufacturers are in the unfortunate position of facing restrictive domestic trade policies and illegal competition from foreign companies. Fundamental currency misalignment causes continued and protracted injury to U.S. businesses.


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